1. If I purchase the Fluency Builders Kit, do I really need to use the included Test/Screener before starting the program?

Even if your child has already been diagnosed with dyslexia, the Screener provides your child's unique dyslexia profile with specific recommendations for how to use the program in a way that matches your child's strengths and weakness. This means your child can make faster progress.

2. How long does it usually take to test a child?

If you watch the Screener video and have your materials prepared in advance, the following is a guideline. - Early Fall PreK (5 minutes) - Late Spring PreK (15 minutes) - Kindergarten (15 minutes) - Early Fall Grade 1 (15 minutes) - Mid Year to Late Spring Grade 1 (20-25 minutes) - Grade 2 (20-25 minutes) - Grades 3-12 (25 minutes)

3. How do I know where my child should begin in the program?

After you use the Screener with your child, you can use the recommendations in the Screener results along with the Initial Placement Guidelines found in the Teacher TOOLKIT to determine the entry point for your child. But for a simple rule of thumb, students in Grade 2 and above can usually start with Fluency Builder 6. If you feel your child needs more handwriting instruction or review of letters and sounds, feel free to begin with Fluency Builder 1.