How Large Are The Keyrings

Keyring size depends on two things - the number of letters and the letters themselves e.g. m is a larger letter to print than l or i. As a general rule of thumb we say that each letter is approximately 1cm on the keyring, so a 5 letter keyring should be around 5cm etc. All keyrings have a thickness of approximately 0.5cm

Logo/Corporate Images

We are now able to offer corporate logos or images on our keyrings. Stand out from the crowd with this unique opportunity Please email for further information

Do You Do A Discount For Bulk Orders

A discount can be arranged for larger orders for parties or for corporate. Please use the contact form to send us a message, message us on facebook or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible

What Material Is Used For Printing

We utilise a product called PLA which is a renewable, non-toxic, biodegradable plastic - also known as a bioplastic

How Long Does A Keyring Take To Make

As each keyring is personalised the process starts with individual rendering of the required name in 3D software. This is then transformed on a template to allow multiple names to be printed in one go. The 3D printing itself takes approximately 20 minutes per keyring, and then we attach the ring and package the items before finally posting.

Can My Keyring Say...

Your keyring can say anything you like but we recommend that any keyring over 8 letters long should have the font reduced so that the keyring is the same length as an 8-letter keyring. This ensures the stability of the keyring and reduces the risk of it bending during print.

Can You Print All In Capitals/Lowercase?

Yes, both of these are an option. After much testing, our personal recommendation is to just capitalise the first letter, but we'll create it as you wish!

What Delivery Method is used

Shipping is free on all orders using Royal Mail 1st or 2nd Class: - 2nd Class postage for orders of 5 keyrings or less - 1st Class postage for more than 5 keyrings If you would like a guaranteed delivery date please contact us and we can arrange alternative shipping at an additional charge

What Is The Lead Time On My Order

Keyrings take 5 to 7 working days to be printed dependent on the size of the order and the number of colours requested


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